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When Hilary phoned me to ask if I would be willing to design and draw a concert poster for her, it took me all of a nano-twinkle to blurt "yes" – unnecessary foot-dragging on my part, but she seemed to understand. From the inception of the project, Hilary's wish was that all proceeds from the sales of this poster should exclusively benefit a charity of our choosing; and we have adhered to that purpose. All profits from the sale of this poster will benefit the Animal Welfare Society in West Kennebunk, Maine.

I receive not a sou.

Each poster has been printed on a special, non-reflective coated surface, in two sizes: small, 13x17 inches; and large, 23x30 inches. Furthermore, a special limited edition of 1000 large posters is available, autographed by Hilary Hahn and by me (spend the day autographing 1000 posters - it is not the sort of thing one forgets).

It has been an enormous professional pleasure to portray Hilary, and we are particularly gratified in the knowledge that the end result will provide support for animal welfare.

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